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Jul. 23rd '12

Camping card
The camping card is not obligatory in Norway!
Certain camping firms will be part of a scheme that demands that you as a guest must have, or buy, a camping card to stay the night. Camping Key Europe (CKE) is the camping card that will be on sale from these companies. If you are a holder of Camping Card International (CCI), this card will be accepted as equivalent to the CCS. Our guide gives our guests information on the firms that will require a camping card, whether CKE or CCI. During the discussion of the individual company, you will find symbols for this where a camping card is demanded.

Driving on Norwegian roads
Combined vehicles (car + caravan). Permissible vehicle width is 2,55 m. Maximum permissible vehicle lengths on national highways: 18,75 m. It is not many roads in Norway with restrictions on vehicle lengths. Drivers of car + caravan with a combined length of more than 12,40 m must check if there is permissable to drive on the intended roads. You can obtain this information from the Roads Information Service on tel. 175 (in Norway) or (+47) 22 65 40 40.

Leave your pet at home!
Owing to the risk of rabies, very stringent rules are in force for the importation of dogs, cats and other animals. For information; contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy or Statens dyrehelsetilsyn, Sentralforvaltningen, P.O. Box 8147 Dep., N-0033 Oslo. Tel.: +47 22 24 19 40. Fax +47 22 24 19 45.

The stars are awarded from 1 to 5 in both categories and are adjudged independently. This means that a five star camp site could have a 1 star cabin, and vice versa.


The camp site      


The camping area should be clearly marked.
The roads should be well maintained and have satisfactory visibility.
The entrance must be clearly marked with the name of the site and its star rating.
First aid equipment should be available.
The information board should show site regulations and fire instructions.
The camp site should have daily maintenance.
Mail service.
All camp site installations should be clearly marked/signposted.
Toilets, washing facilities and showers should be sufficient to meet the capacity of the site.
Waste water emptying facilities.
Sufficent refuse/garbage cans, which must be emptied regularly.
Entrance lit at night.
All buildings must be well maintained.
In addition:


As above, but with the following:
Information board showing staff hours and emergency telephones.
Lighting in and around service areas.
In addition: under cover:


As above, but with the following:
Staffed: 09.00 - 22.00.
Permanent reception / information desk.
Road lighting.
Plain refreshments max. 10 km.
In addition:


As above, but with the following:
Nightwatchman patrols.
Currency exchange.
Soap dispensers - hand driers.
Fast food facility on site or near the site.
In addition:


As above, but with the following:
Watchman's residence on the site.
Accepts credit cards.
In addition::




The cabin consists of one room and necessary furnishings.
In addition to the above: Electricity (lighting, heating, refrigerator, hot plate etc.)
In addition to the above: Water supply close to the cabin. Separate bedroom. Indoor tap water can replace separate bedroom.
In addition to the above: Hot and cold water, WC/shower. Cutlery/utensils, etc. 1 living room, min. 1 bedroom.
In addition to the above: Hotel standard with self catering.

The facilities above are available at classified camp sites. Many camp sites can offer more service and activity facilities. Symbols not covered by the star classifications can be found under the individual camp sites.

Cabins on campsites
It is becoming increasingly popular to holiday in cabins. It is therefore advisable to book in advance if you are planning to take your holiday in the peak season. Postal addresses and telephone numbers of the camp sites accompany their descriptions NB! Check-in no sooner than 2 p.m. Departure no later than 12 noon.

Camping gas
You can buy camping gas from Statoil and AGA AS which have outlets throughout Norway. Prices as of November 2011 (AGA AS, Oslo) are: 2 kgs NOK 215. 5 kgs NOK 244 and 11 kgs NOK 418. See also internet www.aga.no Tel. AGA AS (+47) 23 17 72 00, fax (+47) 22 02 78 04.



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